2008-02-03 21:40

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It's been roughly 7 months since my last website update, and dispite a most recent news post on the old site indicating that things are still being done behind the scenes, I think that a whole lot people have taken this site for dead...

Until now.

Granted this is just a test-post to make sure that we're not 100% SNAFUed, but I might as well write some actual news in it as it needs to be done anyway. So, where have I been? Well, I've still been here, but the site wasn't really what I wanted it to be at the time and and major re-construction felt like the only thing left to do.

And it was around that point that I recieved an email out of the blue complementing me on what a cool site I was running. His name was Mystepho and as it turned out we had actually done some second hand deals in the past - buying and selling LEs from one another and such yet we had never actually met.

Some time past and then I recieved a phone call and he told me that he would be in town for the weekend and wondered if I'd like to get together. And that's it. The two of us just clicked like an empty handgun and we talked dvds all night, like we had known eachother for years and years.

Then as Mystepho heard that I wanted to re-design the site he asked if I'd like to get some help on the project. I was absolutely thrilled and the two of us starting working on bringing this badboy back to life after all this time of quite dignity.

And now, after months and months of combined efforts with my new best friend riding at the shotgun seat, it's with great pleasure that I'm able to present this brand new discjunkie website.

I'm still running the site on my own but all the programming and the codes needed to get it all together is entirely Mystepho's doing. I can't even begin to express my gratitude over the time and technology that this man has poured into this project and in my mind I will most likely owe him for life despite his unaltered enthusiasm for my ambitions.

You'll notice a lot of visual changes to the whole website but most stuff probably feels pretty obvious as long you're something of a dvd-addict yourself, so I won't go into a lot of detail to explain how things are set up. You can check the "About" link in the top menu to get something of a background story but apart from this I invite you to just... oh I don't know... fly casual!...

There's obviously a bunch of new box sets since last time (like I said, six months) but I don't feel like listing them all up front. So I've just added some of the newest below and if you want to catch up on old times you can always stop by the database and brows around for a bit.

And I geuss that's it. Enjoy the show, try not to put your greasy fingerprints on everything and... you know... stay tuned for new sets and what not.

All the best from your favourite addict.



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