2009-10-26 18:17

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I've currently got 28 box sets added to my database that are yet to be published. The biggest problem right now is still not having a proper place to take photos and shoot the reviews so the unpublished section is continuosly growing behind the scenes. Also, in about one month it's time for the annual Scandinavian Sci-Fi Game and Film Convention. I'll be going with Mystepho for the third (?) time in a row... but unlike previous years we're now planning to go in costume (!) :D

So far we're not completely decided on what to wear but hopefully things will work out.


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Posted 2009-11-01 (16:34)

Jonathan: Haha. No, I just liked the title :)

Jonathan | Location: Denmark Posted 2009-10-29 (21:34)

Is it a 28 Days Later set? :O

Awesome, want to see!

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