2009-12-03 16:47

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My new job is exciting and fast paced. This week I'm actually working ten hour a day, which is quite exhausting. This means that I leeve my home at 7 o´clock in the morning and come back home at 7 o´clock in the evening. Quite the workday if you ask me. Never the less I'm quite happy with it. The days don't feel all that long to be honest but I guess that the worker in me has gotten a bit of a chock out of going from completely unimployed to completely office-styled.

I even get to wear a suit. It feels a bit strange but not in a bad way. For some reason the suit makes me feel like I'm part of some kinda flight crew. I also find myself walking with one of my arms in a mannequin like fashion - sort of like a waitor would walk because he has one of those white towles over his arm (except I don't have a towel). The view from the office windows is spectacular. We're up on the 9th floor, which is the top floor on this building, looking out over rooftops and adjacent skyscrapers so it's really quite refreshing up here.

Plus, everything in the office is so stylized. All the furniture is that ultra-expensive weirdo-retro-bongo stuff and you can't even tell if the chair is a chair or if it's a piece of art in some places. But anyway, things are going good even though I'm quite drained of power from all the new info coming at me in the line of work.

Last but not least, this weekend it's time for the annual Scandinavian Sci-Fi Game & Film Convention in Älvsjö and I'm obviously going (and in costume no less!). My trusted brother in arms, Mystepho, will also be there and I will most likely document it all on video for upload on the tube later on.

So until then, keep your stormtrooper-helmets on and your vintage movie t-shirts free from pre-convention anticipation drool.


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Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2009-12-04 (20:10)

lol - good to hear - fill me in on sunday

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