2010-01-07 16:34

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We recently got a new puppy in our home so I've been a bit busy with things other than reviewing during the last week. Not that I don't have the time - it's just... well, a puppy is very much like a child - it needs close to constant supervision. Unless you want your home to turn into dogfood that is.

However I've been buying way to much stuff lately. Most of it has been very spontaneous. I hadn't really planned to buy as much but good deals seem to pop out all around these days. So anyway, until I get around to shooting something new, keep watching the skies, the TV or the internet.

Also it's cold as hell right now. The overall temperature seems to be running strong around 20 below zero... and if you compare that to our standard plus-20-something indoor temperature it's like a bloody systemchock whenever you set your foot out the door.

I mean come on! It's a 40-degree drop in comparison! My hands go numb just form thinking about it. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.

Frostbittenly yours


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