2010-01-10 20:39

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Today is a heartwarming kinda day as I just recieved the first ever paypal donation into the discjunkie project. For anyone reading my "about" section you might have noticed a small part called "support and donations". The whole section (for those lazy enough not to click the links at the top) reads as follows:

"This site is done as a private hobby and there is no financial gain or economic winning made through it at this time (I don't have any sponsors or anything). If you like this site and want to keep it running, you can help out by donating a small sum of money (whatever amount you feel like - to be honest I don't really think there will be any submissions). All contributions will go directly into buying new box sets (hooray!). So far, the only means of payment available is regular PayPal. You can register for a PayPal account for free at If anyone feels like donating a penny or two, my paypal adress is"

I never really expected anyone to send me anything but I figured it was a good thing to write in the unlikely event that some crazy DVD collecting millionaire ever stumbled upon my page during a temporary give-away rampage as this might help me score a few bucks. But the first donation didn't come from a crazy millionaire at all. It just came from a random fan. And so, without further delay I would now like to show my great respect and humble gratitude to Kevin Jukes (aka RobotOnLine) for the first ever paypal-donation into my favourite project.

Thank you! And rest assured the money you sent will go directly into the purchase of something new and wonderful to display on the site. Furthermore it's a very strange feeling, getting money for just doing what I love... it's almost shameful in a way and I gotta say that it's one of the weirdest experiences I've had in relation to this website. I mean I get it - people like the site, but economical support? Really? It's that good?


Thankfully yours...


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Posted 2010-01-23 (22:08)

Trond: Haha, thanks man! :D

Trond Posted 2010-01-19 (01:31)

If I had any money, I'd give it all to you.

Posted 2010-01-17 (10:27)

Mystepho: Aaaaaah, my best friend and DVD-mentor/psychologist. You know I'll never forget how much you've been apart of this project :)

Mystepho Posted 2010-01-15 (15:51)

I'm a fan to that only invest time and effort into your project :) Looking forward to see what you'll buy next...

Posted 2010-01-13 (10:55)

Kevin: Hmmm. That's strange. Well I had to add the discjunkie-adress upon recieving your payment so apparently that wasn't my regular adress either. Either way it worked out in the end. :)

Kevin | Location: UK Posted 2010-01-11 (13:00)

You are very welcome Oskar, I always enjoy watching your unique dvd reviews.
By the way your donation email is in fact and not (this one didn't work)

Keep up the great reviews.


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