2010-02-01 16:47

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A little while back I rented a little film called Watching the Detectives, starring Cillian Murphy and Lucy Liu. It turned out to be a surprisingly heartwarming and enjoyable film, with an atmosphere very simular to what you got in the recordstore scenes of High Fidelity.

It's about this guy who ownes a videostore, basically, and how him and his friends sit around talking nerdishly about films and all that. Then comes this weird girl (played by Lucy) who starts to hang out with our main character (played by Cillian) and suddenly everything is up side down. She tricks him, pranks him and shocks him in the craziest and most devious ways imaginable... but all in that loveable "bad girl" way so who can hate her, really?...

However as I was watching the film I got this odd feeling that something wasn't quite right. First of all there was this scene where a guy is walking around in a cowboy outfit and is about to enter a dark alley... and then all of the sudden he's wearing different clothes and bumping into some friends at a videostore on his way to a picknic.

Wait a minute? What just happened?

After a couple more of these odd Memento-esque time displacements I start getting really confused. But then again, who am I to criticize this cool and hip cutting technique of our times? But when it happens the forth time I give up. What the fuck is going on!? Now I know something is messed up - I'm seeing fractions of a scene now only to jump into a completely different set up. HEY!?

After studying the timer on my dvdplayer right before the jump I now realise that the movie is jumping scenes, most likely because of scratches to the disc... but it gets worse. When examining the chapter index I realice that I've been watching the whole movie almost at random. It's not just skipping scenes, it's remixing them!!!

So finally we decide to start rewatching the film on a different player and now everything works fine. It was quite annoying to go through it all again (in parts) but the film was still such a nice little movie that I would gladly watch it all again (in the right order of course).


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