2010-02-16 15:21

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I just realised that february 3rd was in fact a two year anniversary for the site in it's current format. How about that? Exactly! Yippiekayey, motherfucker! :) And things have certainly changed since the start if you ask me. I really like the exposure I've gotten with the introduction of videoreviews on youtube and also the way people keep interacting and giving me feedback (not that it's THAT much feedback - I mean I it's pretty random so I still respond to ALL emails, no matter how insignificant).

Right now I've got somewhere in between 400-500 subscribers for DiscjunkieTV and I hope to get many more over the years to come. It's surprising how a mentioning by Zaranyzerak managed to generate such a massive amount of new followers but then again... What can I say? The man's a legend (!), pure and simple.

Also I've been meening to do a random giveaway video to show my appriciation for all the new subscribers. You know, sort of like a followers commemoration or something in that area. I had originally planned to make a giveaway for when I hit 300 but when I was attempting to gather all the names for an old school draw I realised that it wasn't 300 at all but actually 275 subscribers plus an odd number of duplicates. This whole event caused the thing to get delayed and what with the whole impact of the Zaranyzerak video i figured maybe hitting the big 500 would be a more appropriate time for it.

So... yeah. Right now I'm working a lot and my energy's kind of drained but I'm trying to get a move on with updating the troubling amount of unpublished box sets that are still lingering in the obscure and unofficial backstage regions of the database.

However I did come up with a smooth way of checking disc specs without the use of my (currently disc-scratching) DVD-rom drive. It's really quite simple. We got a laptop at home so now I can simply take the laptop with me and edit the details directly in to the database, using a wireless internet connection, while I'm checking the discs on my precious 47-inch Philips flatscreen TV :) Why the hell didn't I think of this before?

Anyway, things are pretty hectic but my love for reviewing and talking movies is always strong so I'll try to keep things running as smoothly as I can despite the general low-flow attitude I got going for the mainpage over here.

Happy tuesday, everyone!


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Mystepho Posted 2010-02-18 (19:51)

I was just thinking that it would be something like two years around now.. Congrats to the both of us :D

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