2008-03-25 18:01

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I seem to have come down with a bad case of a fever from hell (and before you ask, no it's not dvd-related) making my head hurt around the clock and my body generally just shutting down all basic survival skills.

I've been this way for about 3 or 4 days and the constant headaches show no signs of disappearing. My entire skeletal structure seems to be aching around the clock and the cold sweats, couching and the soar throat are all present as well. So for what it's worth I actually feel like a true junkie for once.

But anyway, despite my completely malfunctioning joke of a body, I've finally gotten around to posting the Japanese I, Robot head that has just been sitting on my shelf for ages. This makes for a total of three heads (not including my own) and the only one left to purchase at this point would be the Planet Of The Apes head... which I'm not entirely sure that I want to get (unless a real bargain comes a long that is).

You should also check the database for the latest Autobahn steelbook (#5) - Right At Your Door and also a german LE for A Scanner Darkly.

That's all from the crackhouse at this point. I hope you're feeling a lot better than I am and thanks for all at the support.

This is your favorite junkie, last survivor of the black plague (?), signing off.


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