2010-03-10 18:57

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Every now and then the videos I make end up getting the strangest results. For instance, after making the video review of Last Supper it turns out that the video was noticed by a friend of the directors themselves. The video was then forwarded and seen by the makes of the film, who decided to stop by my website and noticed that I also did panoramic photography and ended up contacting me for a possible part time job.

Now the job thing never really happened but we did get in touch and have a pizza together and talk movies and stuff so it was still a very cool connection made purely through the power of one video. And then yesterday I got an email from another director. This time it was from Agnieszka Jurek, who had seen my video review of her documentary Does that hurt you? on youtube and just wrote to say that she really enjoyed it and was very excited that I choose to do a video about it.

And I don't know what I'm getting at but it's surprising who much fun and how many new friends and connections one can make simply by posting a video on youtube.

I guess that's really all I wanted to say. :) Youtube is awesome. <3


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