2010-03-20 16:08

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After a couple of hours of typing I've now managed to go through all the menus and specs for the the ultimate Matrix collection from japan (I didn't actually watch all the extras but I did flip through all the menus to see what's included). Furthermore, if you're gonna check the attached video review, be sure to note that in comes in TWO parts so you might need to jump on over to youtube to get the sidebar link that will take you to the second video.

Oh, and btw: if you're curious about the whole "RABCJP" thing with parantheses at the end of the link it's a database-generated shortening of "Region ABC, Japan". Prior to bluray, this would just be generated as "R2JP" for "Region 2, Japan" but now when it's all letters (due to the region encoding of blurays) things are starting to look a little bit weird. So in other words: yeah, we're working on it.

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