2010-04-10 08:40

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Today I got a bunch of stuff in the mail that's not even for me. That's right! I actually bought a number of DVDs to simply give away... or, well trade away to be more specific... hmm, let me explain. There are some people on youtube that make unboxing videos that impress even me ;) and one of those people is Mizpol. Now, sending packages to people on the tube is sort of an odd thing - there's like a strange groupie-feel to it. I mean, maybe not on this particular occassion but a lot of the time I see really high profile youtubers doing unboxings of stuff that they just get sent at random because people like their videos :)

Now, so far I've never gotten a package "for no reason" but I figured I might try to get the ball rolling myself by sending something to someone else. And so that's why I got in touch with Mizpol. I told him that I would box up some cool DVDs and send him a package and then (based on what he got) he could send me some cool DVDs right back. Kind of like a secret easter egg santa thing.

So anyway, why am I doing this? What's the angle? Ain't I worried that I'm gonna loose money and get a couple dusty keepcase copies of Weekend at Bernie's 2 for all my troubles? Well no, not really, I mean I know Mizpol is a nice guy who gets cool stuff and I highly doubt I'll be less than thrilled over what he'll send back and also, so much of this is about the surprise itself. It's kind of a gamble, of course, but then again it's not like I'm spending a fortune and a worst case scenario is I'll get some okay stuff in return, plus I might score some new subscribers based on the shoutout in Mizpol's unboxing video.

So in conclusion I guess it's kind of an experiment. I've never done this kind of swap before but it felt like a really fun project and a fresh way to get some new sets for the collection :)

On top of this I've also proposed a trade with one of my norwegian visitors here at, who was on the hunt for the limited edition of Last Supper. Seeing as he couldn't order this from and I'm also on the hunt for a couple of norwegian releases that I myself can't get through I suggested a simple trade. He'll buy me keepcase-editions of Fritt Vilt (2 disc edition) and Fritt Vilt 2 and in return I'll get him a copy of Last Supper. And then we just pay for postage ourself and everyone gets what they want :)


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Samir | Location: Australia Posted 2010-04-23 (11:46)


Re: Last Supper.

I was actually hunting for my own copy, but the hunt only lasted 5 minutes as it is for sale at the director's website.

bigertbergstrom dot com/shop dot html

enjoy :)

Posted 2010-04-17 (12:07)

Thank you, Nicola :)

Nicola | Location: Northern Ireland Posted 2010-04-14 (19:21)

You and mizpol are cool youtubers looking forward to seeing the videos.

jonathan Posted 2010-04-13 (16:31)

Mizpol actually send me a Danny Boyle box set just because I'm a fan, so that was pretty cool :)

Posted 2010-04-10 (19:43)

A mutual win :)

Martin Posted 2010-04-10 (08:54)

Win :)

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