2010-05-30 19:06

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I recently recieved a really spectacular gift from opiumaddict over on the tube and I must say that unboxing this thing quite blew me away so a very big thank you to my new friend Loren. You can check out the unboxing video over here. :)

I also decided to put up a video talking about future unboxings and generally mentioning that if there are people out there who do want to send me stuff (whatever it may be) I plan to start doing unboxing videos of any packages I get that are directly related to people on the tube. This mentioning seems to really have hit it off with people as I've been contacted by a whole bunch of subscribers saying that they got some DVD they want to send me. So currently I got around 4 or 5 "surprise gifts" coming my way and I can't even explain how excited I am (!). I mean in a way I always hoped that this kind of thing would get a snowballing effect but I never really thaught it would get there so soon (I mean I don't have THAT many viewers in comparison to a lot of other reviewing-type channels).

Apart from all these recent gift stuff I have however been having quite a shitty week in terms of unboxing. It seems like just every motherfucking order that I've recently recieved has just been messed up, damaged, unexplainably incorrect or in some other way strangely depressing. I guess most of these orders will eventually be cleared up for the better but I have lost a bit of cash from paying return-postage already. Hopefully things will get better before they get worse.

Also in the news today I've recently bought and paid for my SECOND Dexter blood slides box replica which will be coming in from Michael C Collectibles. The price is pretty hefty but as of season 5 Mr Cosentino (the craftsman making these things) is actually the original source for the screen used boxes! (That's right! He's actually made boxes for Showtime now so what you see on the show in season 5 is EXACTLY the same type of box that I'll be getting). But I'll write more about this once it arrives.

That's all to you from me today but keep your eyes on they tube and I'll try to put up some new reviews asap. :)


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Posted 2010-06-08 (11:01)

Ooooh, viva la France! :D

Mystepho Posted 2010-06-01 (07:04)

Nice box from Opiumaddict! Guess I got some competetion in giving you great stuff :D Better pick something amazing up in France later this week!

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