2010-07-01 16:37

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Times are pretty good right about now. I've had a lot of awesome stuff coming in but there's also been a few set backs. Hopefully things will clear up eventually. I sent a package out to DVDMike007 the other day as a little cheer-you-up-surprise and recieved a surprise of my own in the mail a few days later (be sure to check out Mike's and my own unboxing vids for these events). Also I've been able to source some truly awesome Austrian editions for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre that I've been wanting to get for a very long time. Yes, I'm speaking of course of the extremely OOP limited edition hartboxes from XT Video. And also coming in very soon I picked up the odd "Chainsaw Edition" released in Austria together with a few other picks over at DTM.

I try to keep my videoreviews pretty regular but working full time I rarely find the time to update photos and specs in the database. Hopefully I'll be (mentally) able to take a bit of a break from buying too much stuff soon (need to save up some money) and maybe then I can focus more on the editions I already have and follow up by getting some actual updates done ;)

And on a total different note it gives me great pleasure to congratulate Mystepho today as it's his birthday! So hooray! :D


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