2010-07-03 00:39

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My entire collecting focus has sort of shifted lately as I've become more and more interested in props and prop replicas. I started hanging out at and I also made a couple of crazy prop replica purchases to go into my already intricate collection room.

One of the items I picked up was an old Barbie-like doll from Integrity Toys. This was the exact same model of doll used for the very first episode of the TV series Dexter as the so called "Ice Truck Killer" doll. I obviously had to do some modifications to get the doll into the same shape as in the series but the end result is really quite stunning so be sure to check out the video for the complete chopping experience :)

Also in the mail recently were THREE new editions of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre bringing my glorious TCM-shelf into an even more awesome state of insane. The editions recieved were all three limited edition Austrian hartboxes from XT video, which I've been wanting for ages. And so a very special thank you to jab over on for helping me get these.


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