2010-07-11 13:24

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Just finished watching Michael Mann's Heat for the first time (believe it or not) and was quite pleasantly surprised. The thing is that I honestly never really liked Pachino. Yeah, call me stupid but every movie I've ever seen him in has been so overhyped and it feels like all he does is running around saying "Fock!". Okay, okay, I didn't mind him in Insomnia but I still think Scarface was one boring piece of crap.

Anyway, Heat WAS good and I found myself really captivated through it all despite Pachino. I honestly don't know what it is about him. Maybe it's just that he feels like an unrelatable jackass? I mean I in Heat I wasn't really that annoyed with him but at the same time I wasn't captivated by HIS performance but rather just captivated by the story and the movie itself. I don't know. I guess some actors just fall flat with me regardless of there work. It seems I just can't bring myself to like him but I can't say why.

Speaking of heat, today is just one of the hottest days ever and just exiting the apartment feels like a quick and easy way to die (from spontaneous combustion). Still, this might just be another piece of evidence pointing to the fact that I might actually be a vampire. I mean I'm always up nights (if possible), I harvest a whole bunch of blood editions in my collection, I rather stay inside when the sun is too bright and I also don't like Twilight (which would be the next logical step for a true vamp).

But that's all for today. I'd write more but I fear the keyboard might short circuit from all the sweat on my hands.


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Mystepho Posted 2010-07-14 (13:03)

Hate to tell you "I told you so", but.. I told you so :D (that Heat is good :P)

Posted 2010-07-11 (22:06)

THAT'S why it looked so weird! I thaught ti looked strange but couldn't understand why. HAHA! Must have fried my brain indeed. LOL!

Trond | Location: North Pole Posted 2010-07-11 (17:54)

The heat fried your brain, his name is spelled Pacino... ;)

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