2010-07-15 09:47

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Right now I am just sooooo fed up with ebay deals gone bad. First up I bought a combined set of what was supposed to be the australian editions of Dexter season 1, Dexter season 2 (evidence bag edition), Dexter season 3 (bloodpack edition) and a t-shirt (atleast that's what was pictured in the auction, but the description was vague and missleading IMO). Anyway, I recieved Dexter season 1 (UK edition!), Dexter season 2 (australian evidence bag edition, as promised), Dexter season 3 (US edition!) and t-shirt (as pictured). The seller agreed to swap the season 3 ONLY (because season 1 had the same features and should be about as valuable in his opinion).

I sent back season 3 using standard airmail as the seller refused to pay return postage and I for one obviously wanted to cut down my losses for an already overpriced package. But just like Lando Calrissian I should have have expected the deal to get worse before it got better. The seller claimed the package was never recieved and even though I filed a paypal dispute and escalated it to a claim I doubt I will get back the money I spent for season 3 and it's return postage. From the looks of it I'm down roughly 74 AUD and I also got a quite overpriced copy of season 1 from the UK. So yeah, perhaps I feel that I'm being treated unfairly? (please add heavy breathing by James Earl Jones for atmosphere)

Next up there's a couple of Dark Knight and AVP props that I purchased outside of ebay. These were supposedly sent by registered airmail quite some time ago but just got word that they got returned due to the adress label getting torn off in transit. The seller says he has put more stuff in the package as a compensation and has followed up saying that he will provide me with a tracking asap. Still, due to time constraints I've been forced to file a paypal dispute just the same. This time I have quite a bit of hope that the items will get here but it's still annoying to have it take so long.

And then there's the story of my recent laserdisc purchases. I picked up 3 box sets from the same seller on ebay and shipping was supposed to be 30 USD. After the auction ended I got word that it was in fact 60 USD and I would need to pay more to get things going. Once again this was also a good seller and he followed up saying that it was okay to pay an extra 21 USD to cover the listing prices only. I said fine and asked if he could put in an extra LD or two as compensation but I'm yet to see the outcome of this so not sure exactly where it will end.

Overall it's not all bad but multiple fuckups all at the same time like this do tend to wear me down. I can't wait to get some timeout as I go to visit Mystepho for a few days next week and just clear my head. God knows I need to get away right now. I've just been feeling very stressed lately so can't wait to just chill out and stay up late for a few days, taking in the warm summer night air and watching movies till the break of dawn.


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Mystepho Posted 2010-07-16 (19:34)

I'm gonna take good care of you! Be so sure.. And no Ebay at all, I promise :) You can shop on my shelfs :P

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