2010-07-16 09:01

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Say what you want about never having enough cash to buy all the stuff you want but the US dollar is awesomely low right now (in relation to the swedish crown). Obviously I wish I could buy a bunch of cool stuff from the US right now to save a bit but in all honesty I don't have a lot to spend so I'm still choosing my pickups quite carefully. Personally I never understood how the market works (I hear it fluxuates, right?). I mean fucking currency, how does it work? Sometimes it's low, sometimes it's high, sometimes it's euro and sometimes it's thai (Baht) and so on.

In any case I guess I SHOULD make some kind of order to save myself a bunch of cashinos but it's quite hard to choose. On a different note I accidently missed an ebay auction last night (and it was something I really really wanted). I don't know what happened. I mean I found it and saw it had like "1 day" to go and then 2 hours later it was over (!?). Maybe it's the heat that's messing with my mind. During the same time I was also on MSN when I suddenly noticed that I had unexplainably typed "When will you be home?" to one of my friends, but I had no idea why nor any memory of doing so. And so I really thaught I had been hacked or something. I mean I had no other conversations on MSN that would explain the question (like if I had accidently typed it into the wrong conversation or such) and I was absolutely positive that I hadn't even thaught of writing it.

Is the audience listening?...

After about 5 minutes I realised that the question was actually something I planned to write in a text message on my iPhone (!) but apparently my brain just thaught "Bah! I'll just write it in a random chat window instead! Saves time, ey?". Hm. Maybe it's the coming of age? I mean I'm not exactly 28 anymore, am I? Maybe I should get my rinkly head examined...

NOT David Lynch Referencingly Yours...


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Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-19 (13:55)

It's the heat, man... and by the way, it's "thought" :)

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