2010-07-27 19:18

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Recently I've had no less than two paypal disputes running on empty and a few days ago they both "cleared up". The first one was lost and ended up costing me roughly 75 AUD. I got items that weren't as described. I sent them back untrackable to save on postage. They never arrived. Bang. Seller wins the dispute. My second dispute had a much happier outcome though. Filed a dispute simply for security as I was yet to recieve an couple of items that I purchased OUTSIDE of ebay. As it turned out the delay was not the seller fault at all but rather just a case of a torn adress label that caused the package to get returned to sender. Never the less, a few days ago the package arrived safe and sound and the dispute was closed. Plus, the seller threw in a couple of bonus items as a way of apologizing for the delay and man, those were some really awesome bonuses.

Almost made me forget about the money I lost on the other one. :)


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