2010-07-28 12:00

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During the last couple of weeks I've noticed an odd speck in my line of sight where ever I go. Several times I've tried to wave it off with my hand thinking it was a fly or something. But no, it's not a fly. Apparently I got something wrong with my left eye cause the damn speck keeps following my eye whenever I move it (can't feel anything unusual though). So yeah, I decided to go by my local optician and get it checked, and get a general eye exam while I was at it, cause god knows I've felt a bit blurry for a while now (call it a coming of age, I don't know).

When it came to the odd speck the optician couldn't see anything unusual when checking my retinas but they did mention a condition where there's dark stuff inside the eye that whirls up for one reason or other (they didn't phrase it exactly like that but that's sort of what I translated it too) and this is completely harmless. They said it could recide with time and if not it's just something that people usually learn to live with. And in any case it's not something I should worry about and a lot of people have it. Aight, guess that's something at least.

And then we came to the eye exam. Now, I've had a hunch that I might have had a need for glasses for quite some time as I've commonly had trouble focusing, suddenly getting involuntarily cross eyed, seeing double etc. And to be honest I did rule out much of the latter as just me being really tired a lot cause I tend to sleep less than the avarage person...

... But now I know. It seems I'm not exactly 20-20 and apparently I will need to wear glasses all the time. This is actually quite a welcome surprise for me because I've always wanted to wear glasses in a sense - yeah, call me crazy but it just feels like my face needs glasses, ya know? The sad part about it is that I've just now become accustomed (and quite addicted) to wearing sunglasses (something which I've avoided for most of my life just because I didn't like the feeling of seeing everything dimmed or tinted). Guess I'll need to try out contacts if I'm gonna keep using my newly purchased Elvis shades... *sigh* ... Can't wait to decide on "my new face" though :)

But that's all from this lazy-eyed goggle-addict today. Now I'm off to check out Christopher Nolan's Inception at the cinema and think about my new sofisticated look of the future.

(oh yeah, and glasses on a hot chick just makes her hotter IMO)


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Posted 2010-07-29 (20:46)

WTF!? You knew about this!? ;D

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-28 (13:19)

Glaskroppsavlossning? Det ?r jobbigt med alla maskar som dansar framf?r sn?n p? vintern...

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