2010-07-29 22:07

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I've been wanting to catch up on a couple of movie classics I never really paid attention to growing up. One of these was Heat which I checked out the other week and lately I've now been plowing through all of the Rambo movies (yes, I hadn't seen any of them in their entirety before this day). All in all I quite enjoyed them. I think the first and the fourth film were the most powerful and I must say that I was really surprised at the brutality and edge of the latest installment. I mean there were some pretty horrific shots in that one - maybe not in terms of the gore level, though that was pretty high as well, but just the overal raw tone and the way they depicted the true horrors of war without your typical hollywood mentality. I mean it actually felt real in a sense - like no one was safe, even kids got killed off for gods sake.

Not sure how big a fan I am but yes, they're movie classics for sure.


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relyte | Location: Canada Posted 2010-09-07 (06:47)

First Blood is one of my ever changing/expanding Top 10. The scenery of him running through the woods up in the hills makes me want to put on a pair of tight jeans and an army jacket & stomp into the woods in my combat boots.

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