2010-08-05 17:20

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The upcoming Alien Anthology box set on Bluray may be one of the more anticipated box sets of 2010 but from the looks of it, getting a hold of the limited edition "Alien Egg" version might be harder than first assumed. I actually pre-ordered my copy from HMV UK about a week ago but now it seems most UK retailers have labeled it as Out of Stock, Out of Print or just deleted it completely from all their listings. The initial report from the US was that Fox would be selling the egg exclusively over there and that limitation would be a run of 5000 copies. Exactly what's going on with the UK releases is still not entirely certain but I'm guessing it's just a temporary removal as the set isn't actually produced yet (probably) and there might be problems or change of plans (I don't know). If it really did sell out during pre-orders this will easily become one sought after son of a bitch... but to be honest I'm a bit doubtful that that's what happened as it just feels like to fast a sell out if you ask me.

For those who want to pre-order the egg within Europe are still listing it but who knows for how long.


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freakshow | Location: Austria Posted 2010-08-10 (17:13)

I ordered at

steve | Location: UK Posted 2010-08-06 (14:24)

I pre-ordered mine thankfully.

PMD | Location: Germany Posted 2010-08-05 (22:13)

nearly the same situation here in Germany. Different german internet shops listed the "Alien Egg" and after a few hours it was "sold out" or completely erased from the shop's page. Yesterday at there was another chance to pre-order the "Egg" and today it's sold out again, but still listed.

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