2010-08-11 17:50

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At this point I am really sparkling with love for the laserdisc format. And I've now also come up with a good way to display them using a couple of slick, simple, picture-frame shelves that I put in over my reviewing table. You can check out the entire process over on youtube.

Still the shelves are maint mainly to be a display for "normal" LD releases (not for big heavy box sets) so it can work sort of like a wall of art... because let's face it, the artwork on some of the old LDs out there... oh man, it's like a nostalgic orgasm. As for releases to look for I've already started keeping my eye out for a couple of old Criterion editions. Several of these are of interest mainly for extras but as a standard Criterion tends to have pretty awesome covers. Among the ones clearly on my list so far are Se7en (though this is a box set), The Game, Robocop, Trainspotting, Brazil and Fisher King.

Another release that caught my eye as having a really wonderful cover is the US version of Leviathan. And overall I'm sure there are a lot of these retro-esque pieces of eyecandy out there but it's all about finding the right ones. So if you got any tips on LDs with a coverart unlike any other feel free to let me know :)

Hmmm. All these awesome covers make me wonder when I'm gonna have time to pickup a player, though. :P


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relyte | Location: Canada Posted 2010-09-07 (06:42)

haha, I hear ya on the "nostalgic orgasm" description of the old LD cover art. I experienced that today. LOL

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