2010-08-18 07:36

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It recently occurred to me that I need to wear glasses regularly and so I've been wanting to try out some. The problem is that I want to get something unique (obviously) and felt like going down the alternate route of the retroesque. The problem is that I don't know where to look. Obviously it's not hard to find retro-style glasses using ebay and google and then just walk in to your nearest optician and have them put in the right lences but the problem is that picking out glasses is a very special process and it really helps to try them out BEFORE YOU BUY THEM. I mean after all, a pair of glasses can look great when you see them on their own but when you try them on you might realize that they don't really go with your face AT ALL. So I'm gonna see if I can track down other opticians that actually carry something more interesting than the latest and most popular (aka boring) frames. Cause rest asured I really want to get a pair of glasses that people will notice

And no, I'm not gonna go all John Lennon you here.


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Mystepho Posted 2010-08-18 (08:54)

Och gl?m f?r allt i v?rlden loppisar och myrorna - vissa har MYCKET p? glas?gon-fronten..

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-08-18 (08:23)

Tror faktiskt en del optiker har begagnade b?gar i g?mmorna. Hittade denna (se l?nken) vid en snabb Googling: Vi har ?ven en Vintage-kollektion d?r det finns b?de begagnade och nya b?gar som vi gjort en fullst?ndig service p?. Detta ?r n?got f?r dig som vill f?rst?rka det du redan ?r ? UNIK!

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