2010-08-19 04:13

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I've been snooping around for a laserdisc player but it's very hard to recognize the difference between a good deal and a downright scam. I mean what am I looking for exactly? Most people keep saying I should go with a pioneer player but it's still a pretty big jungle out there and they're not exactly easy to find around these parts. Prices range from doable to doodeli-googeli-insane so I have no idea what to think about that factor either.

Meanwhile I got like a ton of packages I need to box up and postage from here is as high as they come. Still, it's very much worth it as a lot of it is stuff that I've sold so I've already gotten money for it, and the rest is basically gift and swaps so I can also look forward to recieving some more DVD surprise in the mail during these next few weeks. :)


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Trond Posted 2010-08-20 (09:03)

Malfunction = having to get your player repaired, that is.

Trond Posted 2010-08-20 (09:01)

Yep, I understand that of course. Though shipping was a pretty penny, it wasn't that high an amount (I could've forked it out for you and you could've paid me later), and this player was in mint condition with original packaging and manuals.

I know you are looking for a player with auto playback of both LD sides, but I can also tell you (having had several players myself), the mechanism that alternates the laser head from top/bottom is a frequent source of malfunction. Having to get up from your couch one extra time per movie, I could live with. ;)

Posted 2010-08-20 (07:46)

Hehe. Well yeah, I really did appriciate the offer and had I lived in the same country I would have picked it up instantly. But having to pay only shipping (which tends to get quite high for such big items) still felt a bit too much when the player didn't meet the standards I was looking for. :-/

Trond Posted 2010-08-19 (23:03)

Well, you had the chance to get my old Pioneer laserdisc player for free... I just couldn't believe you didn't take it. Oh well. ;)

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