2010-08-20 09:38

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Yesterday I sat down to watch Steven Spielberg's The Duel for the first time. This is a film I'de been meaning to buy for ages and now it had been sitting on my shelf for a while when I finally remembered it. I gotta say I really really liked this one. I know most of you have probably seen it but if you havn't it's definitely a thriller classic to check out. Much like the trucks shortly featured in Jeepers Creepers and Haute Tension, the truck in The Duel seemed to really capture that whole wicked dark mysterious vibe that one just can't describe. I don't know if it's the "Mad Max:ian" rust or the mystery of who's driving that captures me the most but I sure know that this kind of "character" is something I'd love to see more off.

So if anyone has any tips on other films with cool mysterious looking vehicles that instantly inspire fear and horror be sure to let me know. :P


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Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-08-28 (12:59)

The Cars that Ate Paris/People gick p? teve f?r n?gra ?r sen, minst sagt flummig. Death Race 2000 ?r ju en annan...

Posted 2010-08-26 (10:29)

Mystepho: Yeah I remember it having a totally crazy cover but from what I heard the film wasn't nearly as interesting. Would still like to see it some day though.

Posted 2010-08-26 (10:29)

PMD: I was recommended Joy Ride buy a friend actually but I'm yet to check it out.

Bruno | Location: Portugal Posted 2010-08-23 (12:07)

What about John Carpenter's Plymouth Futy Christine? A cult classic masterpiece :)

PMD | Location: Germany Posted 2010-08-20 (18:08)

The first movies that came to my mind are "Monster Man" (features: a monster truck), "Joy Ride"(features a truck) and "Maximum Overdrive" (features many trucks and other electric stuff that goes wild).

Mystepho Posted 2010-08-20 (17:20)

Just came to think about Peter Weir's weird looking debut "The Cars that Ate Paris". Havn't seen it, but Weir is a favorite director and It's on my list on important got-to-get movies..

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