2010-09-03 08:19

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Now I commonly don't mention upcoming releases here but I thaught that (in the future) I might try to atleast comment on some particular releases that have caught my eye. Today I was tipped off (special thanks to Tarmin1489!) about the limited edition bluray briefcase edition coming out for Inception in december. It can be pre-ordered for 29.99 GBP (plus shipping) over at Amazon UK... and I did - even if I don't like pre-orders (don't get me wrong, it's good to have the ability to reserve a copy but I hate having a pending cost getting deducted from my account when the edition is released rather than having it deducted right away - I wish we could just choose when we wanted to pay for it so one could get it out of the way).

Also, in the mail yesterday I recieved my new Inception totem replicas from Kevinericon over on Fucking awesome, Kev! So now I got a spinner, brass bishop, poker chip AND loaded dice sitting on my Nolan shelf. Need less to say things are getting crowded over here. And there's still a wide variety of press and promo stuff to keep my eyes on.

Still no sign of my retro-style glasses though (yeah I need glasses in case you didn't hear, read or see it). I doubt the lack of glasses is directly related to me not noticing the briefcase edition at an earlier state but who's to say for sure ;)

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Plox | Location: Sk?ne Posted 2010-09-13 (13:38)

Grattis Oskar - du ?r nominerad till n?gon slags pris. :)

G?r inte att l?nka h?r, men kolla min senaste bloggpost.

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