2010-09-16 17:54

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Yesterday I recieved a truly epic package from my good friends Krazy Jason & Other Jason of Cackalacky Movie Madness. I originally sent out a limited edition Star Trek Online box set that I got on sale and knowing that the Jasons are both pretty big Star Trek fans I figured I should let em have one. I said that they could decide what to get me in return once they recieved it and, well, apparently they reeeeeeally liked it cause the amount of goodies they sent back was just overwhelming.

Check out the awesome unboxing video over here.


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LBFANSTi | Location: Portugal Posted 2010-09-16 (20:46)


Very nice unboxing, that batman edition is very cool, i got the Portuguese version of that one!

Very nice vids man, keep them coming :D

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