2010-09-29 19:02

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On monday I took a trip to Uppsala to hangout at the filming location for one of the exterior shots of David Fincher's upcoming film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. This is of course the American remake of the Swedish film with the same (international) name. Being an avid Fincher fan it's gonna be really interesting to see how this works out. I mean I really liked the original version as do most Swedish movie goers... so how will a remake look in comparison when it's not just another box office remake... but a FINCHER FILM?...

In any case it was a lot of fun standing at the barricades hearing Fincher yell "ACTION!" from a far even if I technically never actually saw him (I don't know what to say, the street where they were shooting was quite closed off so one could only stand in some of the adjacent streets peeking at the extras as they did their thing. Seeing as I'm tend to treat real life like it IS a movie I did of course bring some DVDs that Fincher could've signed if I had gotten a chance to meet him face to face. And, I also recorded a short clip where I showed my Fincher-shelf and talked about some of the odd stuff I have in there. Then I stuck this clip on a USB-drive and sealed in a plain envelope marked "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Filming Location: Uppsala. Please Rush to the Director!" (as a nudge to Zodiac of course) and managed to convince a security guy on the set to hand it over to David Fincher's personal assistent.

What will actually come of it? Well, I don't know. Perhaps he will have a laugh about it and write me an email or maybe it will just end up in a pile of rubbish somewhere. Either way I took a shot at getting a message through to one of my favorite directors.

Check the footage I shot on set by clicking this link:


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Posted 2010-10-29 (22:45)

Not yet no...

relyte | Location: Canada Posted 2010-10-28 (00:37)

Hey... did he ever write you back btw?

Hugo | Location: Portugal Posted 2010-09-29 (22:24)

That was just awesome! Let us know if David Fincher gets in touch with you.

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