2010-10-14 20:14

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A few days ago I pre-ordered the Fnac exclusive Inception briefcase when it came back in stock again, giving a lot of attention to the fineprint where it said that my card would NOT be charged until the item was released and ready to ship (in december). But when I went by the local grocery store after work and attempted to buy some dinner I was meet with a friendly "not approved" as I tried to pay for my merch.

What the hell!? After calling my girlfriend to help me re-route some case to buy food I went home to investigate. And yes, the amount reserved on my bank account is indeed the for the briefcase set so now I have to figure out why and how to get it back (though most likely the reserved amount will be let go in about two weeks if not charged by Fnac but why it was reserved in the first place is a mystery to me)...

... however I do have a slight recollection of these sort of things happening in the past when utilizing my banks so called "e-card" service. I don't know if this is available anywhere else but the way it works is that instead of ordering something with your regular Visa you can enter the banks website and use a service that allows you to create an electronic Visa card. The so called "e-card" comes up on screen and has all the info of a normal Visa card (card number, name, expiration date etc.) and works just like your normal card... except it can only be charged ONCE and (and up to a certain pre-decided amount) and is thus a very good choice for dealing with shady online shops that you don't fully trust as it easily prevents anyone from emptying your card just using your card info...

... but it doesn't stop idiot companies from charging you 2 months in advance I guess. And something tells me explaining such a matter to a French customer service section will be even more troubling.


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Jonathan | Location: Denmark Posted 2010-11-29 (15:35)

I also did some shopping today. First I ordered an INCEPTION Briefcase from Blockbuster, and then AVATAR Collector's Edition with some figure or something like that.

Trond Posted 2010-10-15 (01:21)

Or use a credit card (like Mastercard), and not a debit card. Then any transaction won't be a direct charge.

Trond Posted 2010-10-15 (01:17)

It isn't necessarily the store's fault, per se. Most stores use a payment service provider (PSP), and they use these kinds of reservation and validation transactions all the time. This have happened many times to me as well, even for items that ended up not being shipped at all. I guess the lesson is, keep atleast a certain covering amount on your card.

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