2010-12-27 14:24

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During the last week my DVD-room has looked more and more like a war zone and less and less like a place where I show off my various limited editions. But now it was finally time to get my shit together and complete the re-organizing that's been tormenting my mind since I began.

And as luck would have it, youtube just granted me (and everyone else?) the possibility to upload videos longer than 15 minutes (not sure how long), giving you a brand new re-arranging/overview video of as much as 21 minutes (don't worry, time will fly by if you have an interest in all this crap) ;)

Seasony Greetings & Coughing Condolences (I'm sick)


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Posted 2011-02-02 (10:00)

G?tt :)

Marcus Posted 2011-01-20 (11:14)

Riktigt fint :) Jag fick hem min Ninth Gate edition som du tipsade om ganska nyligen, glad blev jag :D

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