2011-02-02 10:38

A Two Time Only Screening of Texas Chain Saw Massacre at Cinemateket Previous   Next

To celebrate the abolishment of censorship for cinema here in Sweden, Cinemateket put up a series of special screenings showing a couple of classic movies that were never shown uncut in Sweden before. Mystepho was nice enough to surprise me by taking me to their unique screening of Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and it easily became the most memorable and mindblowing cinematic experience I've ever had.

This was the first (or possibly second) time ever that the film has been shown in theaters in Sweden so I will always cherish being able to experience the film this way atleast once in my life. The film was banned between 1984-2001 and it never received a theatrical release back in the 80s due to it being the main attention of the ongoing censorship debate for home video over here.

But now, let's hear what we had to say about the film after the screening :)


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