2008-04-25 06:56

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I'm very into steelbooks at the moment but at the same time I seem to be a bit cursed when it comes to picking up new stuff for my collection. A few days ago I recieved my copy of the Descent - Doppel Deluxe Edition steelbook from germany and it had a bunch of big ugly scratches on the front cover.

Granted, this was an ebay purchases from a guy with only one plus in feedback but the auction clearly stated (and even underlined) the fact that the dvd was brand new.

Still, some good things are in the news as well today. First of all it's friday and secondly it's pay day!!! (though most of the money is gone allready). A whole bunch of sweet limited editions have been shipped from all around the world and now all I have to do is sit by the mailbox and wait.


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