2011-03-17 10:43

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After gaining a special interest in Tobe Hooperís The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and itís troubled history here in Sweden Iíve taken it upon myself to actually purchase every fucking release Sweden has ever had to offer of this movie in order to shed some light on things. And I hear you saying; "Okey, so every release, you mean like very cool release, right?"...

And I say NO, I mean EVERY FUCKING RELEASE ever. Period. Starting back in the days of VHS-rentals the film got completely banned here but we still had a wide variety of VHS tapes come out over the years (both cut and uncut) before DVDs came along. Truth be told I'm already close to sourcing everything so I guess you could say Iím seeing a light at the end of the chainsaw-wielding maniacs underground tunnel.

But why am I doing all this? Well, for one I really do like the hunting process and this movie especially has turned into a real treat when it comes to double-dipping. Plus, of course, thereís always the informative value of the things I do (or atleast that's what I tell myself) and once I got everything on the table I plan to make one long video where I'll go through all the releases chronologically and look at how the movie has evolved in Sweden over the years. Much like a good old wine or a not-too-decomposing corpse in the body-size freezer box.

But how many Swedish releases are there, you might ask? Well, at this point Iím aware of approx 6 VHS versions and 4 or 5 DVD variations... and all in all Iím missing around 2 or 3 releases (in total) from what I can tell. :)


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