2008-05-04 19:40

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I went to see Neil Marhsall's new film Doomsday in the cinemas the other day. Quite an enjoyable film I guess, but I was expecting more based mainly on my love for his previous horror classic The Descent. I don't know. It just felt like a really odd film to be made these days, and to be released in cinemas no less. The film is filled with all kinds of references to other classics in the sci-fi/future/post-apocalyptic genre but it's not really a tongue in cheek film anyway.

The gore level was surpringly high and the only other director that came to mind (as far as comparison is concerned) was Paul Verhoeven. I mean, take the middle-class splatter style gore level of Total Recall, the APC-type vehicle chaos scenes from Aliens and throw in the barbarian punk-style freaks of the Mad Max trilogy. Then pop in a background storyline alá 28 Days Later vs. Escape From new York and this is pretty much what you're looking at.

So in conclusion, yeah, this is one hell of an entertaining movie... IF you like the genre. But it's not the kind of film you'de expect to see in the cinema top ten list unless you've gone through a time travel machine and accidently landed yourself back in the 1980's.

In the end, I think that The Descent was a much better film overall but Doomsday will still go down as a modern classic if you ask me... even if it's for a whole different reason to begin with. It's just so insanely out of time and place.

(god, enough with the movie reviews, bring on the dvds!)


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