2011-07-31 18:45

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I've been quite puzzled over if I would be able to come up with a new avatar that could much the iconic look of my old one. I mean I wear glasses all the time now and even though my old hairstyle is back in action it just doesn't look like me anymore (the old avatar that is).

But now I have finally done it! It started out as a rather quick sketch on the back of a used envelope (or something like that) and then it evolved.

Add a couple of hours of Photoshoping and I'm now finally ready to show you my new face! Granted I havn't been able to find a proper way to implement it into the website yet but checkout facebook or youtube (which has also recieved a much needed facelift now that the new avatar is in place).

Graphically yours...


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Posted 2011-08-14 (16:41)

Thanks Manollo :)

Manollo | Location: somewhere in Austria Posted 2011-08-05 (21:42)

great work oskar!!I like the new avatar much more than your older ones.Congratulation ;-)

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