2012-05-28 21:29

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I'm always surprised at how ridiculously calm I can be. I mean there's really very few times that I actually loose it. And whenever there's like an accident where something gets broken or such I'm always the first to say "Don't worry, it's just stuff and it was an accident, not like you broke it on purpose" and so on.


Yesterday I had this brilliant idea (which I'll get back to at a later point) and I wanted to move some of my TCM-editions around to try something. So I'm standing there picking out a couple of VHS boxes, to aid me in testing my brilliant idea, when suddenly, my most expensive TCM rarity starts to tilt...

Panic strikes. My hands are full. The item falls.

Before you ask which one it is I'll just come out and say it: MY IFS PRE-CERT (1ST EDITION) WITH THE SQUARE SUPER 8/VHS COMBO BOX SET TOOK A FALL TO THE FLOOR AND IT BROKE. There you have it. It's one of those things that happen. You can never be safe from stupid shit like that. But what surprised me was that it didn't really effect me. I mean I was pissed, sure... but it lasted no more than 5 minutes and then I let it all go. I think I actually said "Well, atleast now I have a reason to hunt down a replacement box" (thinking to myself that it wasn't really in mint condition to begin with).

I mean what the fuck is wrong with me!? This thing cost a fortune! Oh well. Atleast it doesn't show from the outside (just some plastic shattering on the interior of the case). Hmmm, maybe it's the fact that I'm always buying new shit - maybe that's why it doesn't effect me... or maybe I'm just still in shock.


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Tyler | Location: Canada Posted 2012-11-20 (05:03)

Ouch. I just read this post now too, Nov 2012, and I somehow know what you mean about your reaction when the case fell and broke. I've had a similar experience and it's as though time is moving in slow motion, and then after the incident occurs, you sort of just stand there.

Posted 2012-07-05 (18:26)

Edward: I never found a replacement for it - it's much rare than I thought, but given it's age, my banged up copy is still in quite good shape (I mean it's so rare that coming across a mint condition copy is not even on the map) so I'm quite at peace with the way things are. :)

Gree | Location: Gelsenkirchen Posted 2012-07-04 (16:46)

Very sad fanfic

Edward | Location: Texas Posted 2012-06-24 (22:36)

I'd DIE if something that was that rare broke, even a little bit. :) It shows me that you have great fortitude, in that it didn't shatter you. Have you been able to find replacement for this yet? Thank you for replying.

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