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Aight, so last week I was able to see Prometheus in the theaters (it actually premiered on the 31st at midnight over here but I saw it on the third which would be sunday). Instead of re-hashing what I've already told everyone through various medias I'm just gonna go a head and paste my little review of off Facebook (yeah I'm that lazy).

So, was it worth the watch? Yes, it was well worth the watch, and no, it doesn't have any classic "ALIENS" in it (the way we're used to seeing them). Period (but yes, there are other monsters and don't worry, I won't give you any more spoilers and for good reason). Now, the only reason I'm blindsidingly telling you that THERE ARE NO "ALIENS" is because I think anyone going into the theaters expecting to see the same old facehuggers and extra terrestrial monsters that they've seen 4-6 times already will be somewhat disappointed.

What I will say is that Prometheus is a VERY bold move in terms of expanding on the Alien universe and I think that if anything, it will probably grow to be thought of as a very self-sufficient scifi-adventure instead of a re-hashing of a bunch of stuff we've already seen.

Ridley Scott has created a movie which shares a lot of common ground with the original franchise but he's also taken the saga in a whole new direction which is both equally terrifying and equally groundbreaking - I mean they're really going at it with a bulldozer this time around. Who are we? Where did we come from? And where did the Aliens come from? And will this movie give you all the answers you've been hoping for?...

Well, probably not, but it does give us some much needed info about the "Space Jockey" and the crashed ship (I guess)... though in all honesty I felt really puzzled when the credits started rolling.

My guess is there will be as much speculation and discussion about this one as there was about Inception after that blew everyones brains out the airlock. I mean I know what I just saw and I know it was awesome in a very unique and special way... but I'm still standing here with a bunch loose ends with slime on them...

... and people keep telling me to get back on the ship. What the fuck is going on?


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Tyler | Location: Canadaland Posted 2012-11-20 (05:00)

Finally just read this review now (Nov. 19th, 2012). I felt the same way after seeing Prometheus, many unanswered questions, which was frustrating to me. I look forward to seeing another movie or 2 that follow this and hopefully tie some things up nicely.

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