2014-01-31 18:48

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It's been kind of a hectic time after moving to our new house back in the summer of 2013. I know a lot fo people have been wondering when I'm gonna put up new videos on youtube (IS HE DEAD!?). The short story is that I've just havn't had the time or the energy to continue shooting videos after the move. For one thing, living in a house on the countryside (in the woods) is awesome but there's always work to be done - like cutting down bushes, making fires to burn the stuff you cut down (I mean our yard is 1,5 hectare!) and also plowing away the snow from our road during wintertime.

I havn't stopped collecting (obviously) but (as mentioned in some of the more recent videos) I have taken a big step back from buying "new" releases and have more or less been totally consumed buy collecting vintage VHS releases from the 80s. At this point I'm still very interested in setting up some kind of a reviewing table and get back to shooting videos again but I don't exactly have a good place to put that table so it's at a bit of a standstill.

Hopefully, people will still take an interest in me when I return. Oh, and if you're very bored you can always keep track of me by checking my facebook page, where I post comments and small reviews of the movies I watch.

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