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(Re-posting this from March 2014 as it was accidentally deleted)

Over the years my collecting has brought me a lot of fond memories and awkward encounters but most of these stories never really come to light when I'm doing my regular reviews videos. So, after much thought I decided to try out something different and actually sat down to record a podcast.

I decided to name it Stories of Addiction and the basic premis is that I will devote my attention to a particular item of my collection in each episode. Obviously, each and every item might not have an especially interesting story to go with it but there are a few oddities that are just begging for attention in regards to how they have affected my life as a collector.

In the first episode I decided to focus on one of the objects that started it all and also one of objects that I have become more or less accociated with as a result of this website.

So check out it and let me know what you think.


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