2008-05-14 09:22

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In 2002, the Korean distributor Starmax was rumored to have released a limited editon tin case for the film The Usual Suspects - and I say "rumored" because after this edition sold it has appeared to be virtually unobtainable. Seriosly, I for one actually believed that this edition didn't really excist. I'd never been able to find a single photo of it, nor heard of anyone who had actually owned one. I mean it's become a legend, a myth, a spook story that dvd collectors tell their kids at night and so on.

But now I have it (yeah, you heard me). And I implore you, my dear dvd collectors, the Usual Suspects tin is very real... and very collectable as well. So behold, after 6 years of nothing but miniture preview shots, discjunkie's personal photos of this one of a kind limited edition.


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