2008-05-21 06:40

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I went through my tin editions yesterday and changed the term "tin box" to "tin case" on several editions. Guess I just realised that the term "tin box" didn't really work everywhere and that maybe I should re-evaluate my choice of words.

So anyway, just wanted to put up an extra post to clear the slate for next time (but there's still a few new sets with this post as well).

FYI: If you don't know this by know, here's another cool feature on this site. Try to search for a case type in the search-field (like "digipack" or "tin case" for instance) and you'll get a listing of all editions matching that criteria.

In fact, you can even search for cast and crew members (like "Brad Pitt") to get a list of everything he or she has been featured in (maybe not if it was an incredibly small part but any major participation should get you a hit).

Oh yeah, it's very cool. I know it.


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