2008-02-08 08:11

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Recieved another order from CD-WOW yesterday, but as it turned out they sent me the wrong fucking item (this is the first time that something like this has happened to me on a WOW-order though).

I had ordered The Brothers Grimm : Special Edition R3HK, which is 2 disc digipack, but instead they sent me a standard 1 disc version (which I think was from Thailand). Either way it was just a keepcase in a (ugly) slipcase and so I returned it for a full refund.

What's even worse is that the product I actually ordered is now out of stock and will not be coming back to WOW so I'll just have to look for it elsewhere.

Furthermore I've been waiting for the R2UK version of the Family Guy: Blue Harvest box set (which I pre-ordered) for like 2 weeks and it still hasn't despatched. Now both the R1 and the R2 sets have been taken of the CD-WOW website and I'm stuck with nothing but worry and despair.

But then, while cursing over my supposedly doomed cd-wow order I started to look for a better price and realised that was actually selling out the R1 set at a lower cost.

And so, I cancelled my order and purchased a new set through Amazon instead. Current status; Family Guy: Blue Harvest LE (R1US) is shipped and on it's way.


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