2008-08-03 14:13

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Ever since I acquired the Minority Report attaché case I've been slightly troubled by the fact that the locks don't work. I mean I knew this from the start and it's not a really big deal but I figured IF it could be fixed... well, that would really be something, wouldn't it?

So anyway, I decided that I should atleast check to see what I could do. The main problem is that the small hatches inside the lock (that slide away when you move the knobs) have completely broken off. I still have one of the little hatches stashed away but the second one is completely missing (not sure how I'm gonna solve that one).

I decided to take this one lock at a time and started with the most damaged. After unscrewing a couple of bolts the lock came off the case quite easily. But then I started picking out the pieces and ended up with a couple of them breaking in the process (the knob coming loose for one).

I'm not sure if the locks will be fixable but I'm atleast gonna try. Next stop: get some soldering equipment and hope for the best. Worst case scenario will just be ending up with the same dysfunctional locks, but atleast this way I take a shot at it.

PS. And as you can see I'm also trying out adding photos to my news-posts. DS


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