2008-08-14 08:33

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Oh my god! I can't believe I finally own this! Limited to only 500 copies and released exclusively for the Japanese market in 2004 (I think), this one of a kind dvdplayer comes in the shape of a slightly oversized Terminator endoskull with a slightly golden shine to it.

The player comes complete with a remote control and A/V output cables etc. And not only that, the eyes even light up when it's in use. Unfortunetly, my player doesn't appear to be in working order but I aim to get it fixed as soon as possible, and then you'll get to see the eyes at work just as well.

That's it from your favourite collector this time around. So remember to stay in school and keep spreading the news about all them wicked LEs I've got showing.

Hasta la vista, junkies!


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