2008-11-02 22:03

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Okay, so I just got back from my visit to the annual Sci-fi, Game and Film Convention here in Sweden and this year was just awesome! I got to say hi to Lance Henriksen and Carl Weathers and I even got Weathers to laugh (sadly not on camera but it was just one of the greatest convention moments ever). In the end I didn't really buy anything except for a cheap copy of the film Inside... but still, it was the best events yet and I'll be sure to pick up a good DV-camera till next year so you'll get to see the footage in better quality (I shot this years film with my mobile phone!).

Furthermore; if the film isn't enough you can also check out this little slideshow of stills which I manage to capture in between my filming sessions.

That's it for now. Shout outs to Carl Wathers, good old Lance Henriksen and everyone else who made this convention truly memorable for me (you know who you are) :)


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