2009-01-25 17:06

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I know my writing at is somewhat lacking. But as usual, me not being here generally means that I'm somewhere else, and if I'm somewhere else then I'm probably buying stuff, and if I'm buying stuff then you all know what's in store for later on. These days it's very cold and snowy in Sweden. The ground is icy and wet and I ride my car through a gray and cloudy landscaoe almost every morning.

In other news I havn't really bought to much DVDs but I recently bought my very first VHS LE! :D Haha, how about that, ey? And now before you get all weird and start wondering if I've lost it completely.

"Doesn't he know that the VHS is actually older than the dvd???"

Well yes, of course I know. I'm just so much more focused on the packaging and the design more than I am about the format these days. This doesn't meen that I'm gonna start collecting a bunch of old VHS boxes, I'm just saying that there are some sets that are totally unique and just deserve to be on the collector's shelf even if they're old and obsoloete.

So where was I? Oh yeah, the VHS box set. I got it on ebay and it's an old collector's edition of Fargo including a transparent plastic box and a collectible snow globe with one of the films more memorable scenes in it. :) I mean how cool is that! Now I'm not gonna tell you what the scene is as it's sort of a spoiler but there are two versions of this snow globe set (it was re-issued with an alternete snow globe) and from what I've heard my versions (the re-issued one) is a lot rarer than the first.

Now I'm not really big on snow globes per say and I've actually found it to be quite a boring bonus when it comes to movie memorabelia in general. However, with Fargo there's a significant difference to it. I mean the snow globe scenes in this case are really gruesome and that's what makes it so special. Cause a snow globe is by definition usually a very happy and heartwarming thing. You see what I meen? But with Fargo... I meen... wow! What a wicked idea...

Oh, and speaking of which, when I realized I had won the Fargo auction I got all excited about snow globes and figured I should check if there were any other "fun" snow globes done for movies and then I remembered seeing a promotional snow globe for The Mist a while back, which I always thaught was kinda a cool. Next thing you know, I'm browsing ebay just for fun and there it is. Buy it now: 2.95 USD :D Unfortunetely neither of these auctions had the option of shipping to Sweden so I have to re-route them through a friend in the states which will put quite a delay on the ETA (I'll let you know as soon as it gets here, don't worry!). But never the less, I'm REALLY excited about these sets. :)

Now I gotta get over to the laundrymat and put my stuff in the dryer so... ya know. Hmm... I would like to go out on a punchline though... damn it, what's a good farewell for an occassion like these?...

Oh oh, I know!

Keep it clean, junkies! :D


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