2009-01-27 12:07

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Yesterday I sat down to watch Lars and the real girl. It turned out to be quite a nice little film. I mean I wasn't sure what to expect as the storyline sounded like something that could either be incredible funny or incredibly tragic.

The film tells the story of Lars who is very lonely and has a hard time interacting with other people. One day he decides to order the "real doll" - a highly detailed sex-doll complete with hair and posable arms and all that. This might not sound like to big of a deal but the problem is that Lars doesn't see Bianca (the doll) as just a doll at all... He sees her as an actual person. So when he confronts his brother with the fact that he's met someone over the internet and shows up at the door with his brand new sex doll, an odd story of love and confusion begins to take shape.

As it turns out the film landed somewhere in the middle between comedy and drama. It's actually quite a loveable film and not the over-the-top comedy you might assume from the odd topic. The story feels quite tragic at heart, yet at the same time it's kind of an eye-opener. I mean Bianca ends up tying the community together in an odd act of pretending (cause everyone figures that's the best way to deal with Lars' problem - so they can figure out what's causing this delusion of his) and as it turns out, maybe she's a lot more real than people give her credit for.

So what's the final verdict? Well, I might not place it in the totally amazing category but it's certainly worth watching and turns out as a surpringly thaughtful film and all together heartwarming experience. I guess there's kind of a Wez Anderson feel to it - I never really know if it's time to laugh or cry and all that.

I think I enjoyed this film more than I thaught I would. Most likely not a film for anyone but probably a potential favourite for others so I advice you to check it out for yourself.


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