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Today is thursday. Thursdays are always long but you're still pretty happy since friday is just around the corner. Browsing through my admin-section I can now count a total of 264 sets here at, where 16 are yet to be published.


That's a pretty big number, well... atleast for just ONE guy. I mean, it's not a big number in collection-size terms but as for reviewing and documenting them all I think that's a pretty big accomplishment (and I don't even get paid for it).

I started watching Luc Bessons Le Dernier Combat a few nights ago (for the first time ever). Looks really cool but I just havn't had the energy to see the whole film at this point. Will probably try to finnish it in a few nights but I feel really creative these days so I tend to prioritize a couple of other projects with more of a graphic side to them.

Oh, but I took the time to finnish Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning the other night. Pretty good I guess. The first remake (which takes place after this one) with Jessica Beil was definetly better but it's allways fun when they make a prequel that incorporates returning cast members and try to unravel some of the mysteries and such.

The film looked great, very much in the same fashion as the first one, but I can't really say that I cared to much for the characters... but on the other hand I guess you just assume that everyone will die since the secret of the Hewitt family obviously never saw the light of day... and maybe that just makes you care less about them when you know that a violent and horrible death is most likely unavoidable.

I think the "hitchhiker" of the previous film would have been a cool character to see in a prequal. I know TCM: The Beginning takes place long before the first film so it wouldn't have worked out, but still, had they made it differently I think that she would've been a character that I'd want to explore further. Cause you never really get to know anything about her and it would have established a more enjoyable connection between the two films if you ask me (cause her small part in the first film is VERY memorable).

Also I don't really get what's up with leatherface's mask in prequel, I mean I know he hasn't started killing people yet so there's no reason why he should have skin-masks but I just think the mask he uses to cover up his face is weird. It looks stupid more than it looks scary and just doesn't feel right for him IMO. Still, Bryniarski makes for quite a memorable leatherface and does a good job of (p)reprising his role from 2003 so any fan of the remake will probably enjoy this on a couple of levels even without the best of characters.

That's it for now. And until next time, don't be running with chainsaws, okido :)


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