2009-01-30 20:48

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Okey. Here goes. September 12th, 2008. I'm trying to come up with a good name for my upcoming youtube channel as the username "discjunkie" has obviously already been taken. Granted, the user on that account hasn't been active for two years but what are you gonna do? Well... guess what. On september 12th I decided to send youtube a message. Now if you know anything about youtube you probably know that getting in contact with the mysterious people behind it all is virtually impossible, and if you do, you're likely to get absolutely zero in respons...

And so I thaught. Until now. Now, getting in touch with youtube is kinda tricky. First off you have to find the contact form, which isn't really a form at all. After a bunch of googling and trouble-shooting I finally ended up at this page where you're able to suggest a new feature to the youtube crew. From there you can check the box marked "I have another idea" and this let's you add a message while also including your email adress for further communication...

Well, to be honest I can't really recall if THAT was the page I used but I'm pretty sure of it. I mean I never actually thaught that it would lead anywhere. So many others have tried and failed, I mean it's almost a given outcome that one will become absolutely mad at some point if you ever try to get through the youtube help pages...

*Sigh*... Anyway... I wrote youtube a letter as follows...

I would like to register the username "discjunkie" but this is allready taken. The user has not been active in 2 years and does not respond to PMs. Is there any way to have youtube contact this person or give out his email?

And as you might have guessed, nothing happened... until I checked my email this morning, january 30th, 2009. Yes, I actually got a respons from youtube. And what did they say, you might ask?... Well, they let me have it... but not in a bad way, no no... THEY ACTUALLY LET ME HAVE IT! is now MINE (!!!). Ironicaly I choose the username "discjunkietv" a long time ago and the term really grown on me so I don't really feel like switching accounts anymore.

In the end I guess I'll just keep the new account on hold until I've figured out what to do with it. Either way I'm just blown away buy the fact that my pleed actually went through and was granted by the ever anonymous people in the gigantic shadow of the tube. So for anyone who feels that contacting youtube is a dead end. Don't give it all up just yet... Cause even if nobody's responding, big brother is certainly still watching from behind the screen.

This is discjunkie. One of the few people who got a respons from the youtube team... and lived to tell the tale.


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