2009-02-15 23:08

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It feels like I havn't ordered anything for ages... though in reality it's only been like 20 days. I don't know, I guess I've just been busy with other stuff, plus I bought some stuff that turned out to be... like, not what I wanted (meaning they sent me something other than what they claimed they were selling)... So... yeah... On the other hand, don't forget to stop by my youtube-channel every now and then cause I don't automatically link that from here just because I upload a new review.


I miss Dexter. Finishing the last of season 3 was just awful. On the other hand this forces me to watch a lot of other stuff... but still... I need blood. Plus that limited edition forensic bag set of season 2 feels like sort of must have (eventually). I guess there are a lot of those... "eventually must have" things... I guess if I was a millionaire I might buy it all. But I'm not. I'm just me.

Also I saw Harsh Times with Christian Bale the other night. Not as good as I had hoped. Bale is always Bale but the story just didn't go anywhere - everyone was just drifting around, gangland shoot-outs, bad choices, lies, weapons, drugs, no momentum. Roll end credits, move on, ya know?

Plus I sat down to see Death Sentence by James Wan, which I had sort of high hopes for. Cause let's face it; Kevin Bacon chooses his roles very carefully and usually delivers surprisingly well... even if the film itself sucks. I'm not really sure what I thaught of this one though. I guess Bacon was good, the film looked good, the story was dark but perhaps not dark enough, I don't know. Somehow it just didn't come through as good as I had hoped it to be. But still a decent way to spend the night I guess. Plus, a white guy in a suit starting a war against a gang of down and dirty gangsters is always an enjoyable setup.

I think I should definitely go on the hunt for more Bacon. Talk to you later.


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